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Jun 18


Layers of the Grand Canyon: The Trail of Time

This morning I visited the Grand Canyon and along the trail that runs along the south rim there is a segment called “The Trail of Time.”, which showcases several different types of rock taken from the various layers of the Grand Canyon. 

The first rock you encounter at the trailhead, also the oldest rock of the collection, called Elves Chasm gneiss (pronounced “nice”) is about 1,840 million years old, or 1.84 billion years old. As you move along the trail you see about 15 other rocks all in descending order of age until you finally come to the last one called Phantom granite, which is a mere 1.66 billion years old.

All photos were taken by me.


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Mar 4


Giuseppe Randazzo, Stone Fields

Using algorithms to create the structure of the stones and to sort them by size according to an underlying pattern


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