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Dec 20

pauliticalscience said: I THOUGHT IT WAS PRETTY COOL.


Apr 13

fractalmind said: Hello Emily! I was reading one of your very first posts and for some reason it reminded of me. I may be wrong but by the way you write i think we might have the same personality, or at least the same interests. Just thought it was curious. So i decided to follow you.

Ah, yes, very nice to meet you! I love being able to meet others with similar interests. I see you’re into some of the arts as well? I sketch and paint quite often, actually, I created this page with the intention of it becoming a blog of my art, haha. But my heart belongs to science, of course.

Thank you very much for the follow! I appreciate it. :)

alexorenemies said: This isn't really an ask. I just wanted to tell you that you absolutely use the best GIFs that I have ever seen. Emily appreciation post~

Thank you very much, sweeeeeetie! :D

FOR DAYS I have been trying to find the perfect GIF to answer this with. I have decided that this one will do.



May 2

dinohores said: Nice to meet you, too! Can I assume that you like Portal? :D Oh, and you have a lovely blog-I enjoy your sense of humor. :]


Yes, I’m a HUGE Portal fan! Your blog is quite entertaining as well, I enjoy your posts very much. Thank you for the follow, dear! I appreciate it. <3image

Jun 10

llamachefsc said: you made that octopus? it's amazing!!!

Yes, I did. THANK YOU.

I have no idea what to do with it. I want to put it somewhere at home, but people say they are willing to buy it, and I guess Garvey wants it (?). 

Jun 16

eternallylostinwonderland said: is there a way we can see some of your art?

Yeah, I guess I could post some of it soon.

I’ve got a few paintings laying around. Of course I’m too lazy to post them. Check back, I’ll get to it one of these days. 

(But thank you for the ask, darling! I didn’t think anyone was interested in my art. <3 :D)

Jun 18

quantummodulus said: Liking the new theme. ^_^

Thanks! I’m diggin’ yours too! :D image

Jun 23

eternallylostinwonderland said: I love your blog! You seem like such and interesting person. I think it's so cool that you like mystery diagnosis. I love that show. As do I love Untold Stories of the ER which i'm watching right now, but people always tell me i'm it's so weird that i watch that. I'm asking through my personal tumblr, but i have an anatomy tumblr too (Idreamanatomy) <3 Sam

Thank you! I was never really interested Untold Stories of the ER, but then I started watching it, and I can’t get enough of it! Yeah, I’m not allowed to talk about medical stuff in front of my friends & family because they think it’s gross. Haters gonna hate.

And NO WAY I follow Idreamanatomy religiously. I had no idea it was you! A very high quality blog. Keep up the good work. <3 image

Jun 28

eternallylostinwonderland said: what are you doing with the photocopied dictionary pages ? It seems really interesting. right now i'm decoupaging a partial mannequin with magazine clippings.

I was photocopying the dictionary and other textbooks to use as textures and screentones for photoshop, just for fun. I might post some once I finally get around to actually using them, hah.

Oh, I love decoupage. That sounds really cool! Take some pictures for us when you’re done! :D

Jul 13

alexorenemies said: YES~ Owe you my soul, Em ;D


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