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May 2

Happiest 3 days of my life. Seriously.

I have this thing with the periodic table of elements. (I was going to link that to info on the periodic table, but honestly, if you do not know what it is by now, God help you.)

All my life I had been waiting - WAITING - for my school to cut the crap about volcanoes and sound waves so I could get my hands on some real science, the kind I loved so dearly.

And then FINALLY in grade 9, our class started a lesson on the table. My peers were as apathetic as always, but I was all:

But my celebration was short lived, as the lesson was quite abrupt. And then I was back to being the bitter misanthropic person everyone loves me for!

Sep 12

Anonymous said: are you bi?

No, anon, I am straight. 

Not that it matters because I don’t think I will ever be able to get a boyfriend in this lifetime anyway. :(