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May 11

Anonymous said: I heard that the broth in the bulb with the swan neck duct used by Pasteur is still edible, is it true?

A very good question.

If I had to make an educated guess, I would say it is not. While his swan neck duct significantly slowed bacterial growth in the broth, that doesn’t necessarily mean it could halt it altogether. It is, after all, an open-mouthed flask, and I’m sure over time germs could work their way through the curve and into the broth. Seeing as he conducted this experiment about 150 years ago, I’m sure something would have contaminated the broth by now. That is, if the apparatus still exists somewhere. I don’t know if anyone kept it? In either case I wouldn’t suggest eating 150 year old soup.

But I could be wrong. If anyone else has any info on this, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Nov 30

Nov 11

Oct 28

I don’t want kids I want a monitor lizard.

Little precious baby.

Oct 6

Sep 22

i only tell you because i care.

I know, luv! I’m never good with plant identification but I can learn. Baby steps. <3

…those are tulips

Oh, you’re right.

Rest assured it has been renamed whaletulips.jpg

Jun 29

edifying said: WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO, EMILY!

Mar 8

Anonymous said: Que pasa con el Keygen de Sony que no funaciona en el Vegas

No se. Lo siento.

I’m a bit baffled as to why I would get this question. And in Spanish, no less.

Feb 22
  • Mom on phone: So today Google is honoring Hertz. Some electro-magnetic.... thing....

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